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JIST was founded in 2017, and in a very short time it became a serious restaurant with a prominent tradition and quality, based on its concept of offering top-quality steaks. As befits a top-quality steakhouse, the meat originates from Croatia and abroad and includes impressive varieties such as Aberdeen Angus, Rubia Gallega, Kobe Beef, Wagyu A5, Australian Wagyu F1.

One of the meat specialties definitely worth mentioning is the French Anjou pigeon. JIST is the perfect destination if you are looking for dishes that are prepared according to traditional recipes, but which are interpreted in a modern way. Our offer always evolves and select seasonal produce is regularly added to the menu. Our dry ageing refrigerator - dry ager - is definitely a rarity in this area. In it the meat is aged for at least four weeks, which guarantees its perfect taste.

A wide range of memorable dishes is accompanied by a varied wine collection including only the highest quality Croatian and foreign wines and spirits. The wine list is always expanding and currently includes approximately 180 labels. Our friendly and professional staff, the beautiful rustic ambiance and cozy atmosphere create a warm feeling, just like coming home. Thank you for choosing JIST for your unique gastronomic experience!

Did you know that Sovran is the old Istrian name for a ruler?

This first Croatian XO (extra old) brandy produced from native Teran grapes fully justifies the name bestowed upon it by Vinarija Rossi. The recipe, top quality and lengthy production of Šovran follow the tradition of the most prestigious French cognacs. After aging for 10 years in oak barrique barrels, its limited edition awaits your arrival.

Belaj Castle is one of the few in Croatia that can boast the name château

This means that their wine production comes exclusively from grapes from the historic vineyard surrounding the castle, and that processing and aging take place in the same area. The flavours of Belaj wine are reserved only for select restaurants, and our waiters will always be happy to recommend a wine that suits your gastronomic tastes.

Pair your caviar with the ultimate experience of Beluga Allure vodka

Originally from Mariinsk in the heart of Siberia, in addition to its specific distillation process, Beluga vodka is also special for its 2 month aging period, which rounds off its wonderfully smooth and crisp texture.

The Dobravac family winery produces sun-kissed wines infused by the rich Istrian soil

Their family cellar contains six wine labels, and in Jist you can try Gašpar, Simfonija and Sonata.

A glass of Santa Elisabetta Teran wine evokes only the most beautiful Istrian aromas

Teran Santa Elisabetta got its name from the eponymous vineyard, which the Benvenuti family planted 16 years ago on sunny slopes and soil full of limestone and marl. The selection of grapes for this wine is merciless - so that the remaining bunches can take over the greatest number of nutrients through short pruning and green harvesting. There exist only 3,500 bottles of this limited wine from 2016, but it perfectly accompanies cured meats, cheese and meat-based dishes. We await your visit and hope to raise a glass of this crimson liquid with you and taste the finest, perfectly encapsulated Istrian aromas.

LOUIS XIII, Rémy Martin`s most prestigious cognac

The finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, sourced from grapes grown in Grande Champagne - the main cru of the Cognac region - are carefully blended over the years to create the LOUIS XIII cognac.

Origin and time are the two components that constitute its essence, and each drop contains the skill passed down from one generation of Cellar Masters to the next. A blend of as many as 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged between 40 and 120 years, is slowly aged in centuries old oak barrels. Each sip captures the taste of a specific time, worthy of marking the most special moments of your life.

Errazuriz wines have been winning the highest awards and recognitions around the world for decades

Their Pinot Noir is kept in oak barrels for 13 months and belongs to the “Especialidades” (Specialties) collection. When tasting this astonishingly smooth red wine, the palate is dominated by fresh berries and floral notes followed by delicate balsamic nuances. Visit Jist and let these ruby drops take you on a long journey to the most beautiful flavours of South America.

The rare Highland Park 21 - August 2019 release can also be found on the top shelf of our foreign distillates

Thanks to the carefully selected American and European oak barrels, this esteemed scotch boasts a deep golden colour and perfectly balanced flavour intensity. American barrels produce notes of vibrant spices and dried fruit, while European barrels contribute aromas of vanilla and citrus.

Ron Zacapa Royal - for rum lovers

The distillation process of this rum includes using virgin honey from sugar cane, common in local production. It matures three times, which means that in 30 years of aging it changes as many as 3 barrels made of different wood.

It is a must-have drink whose taste will teleport you to the beautiful mountain slopes of Guatemala; 2300 m closer to the sky.

Do you know what makes Wagyu beef the most exquisite type of meat in the world?

This highly acclaimed Japanese beef contains a unique ratio and distribution of intramuscular fat. The distinctive marble pattern comes from equally spaced white lines that make each juicy bite of this meat melt in your mouth. The exclusive Wagyu beef experience is a must for true meat lovers. At J-I-S-T you can try it and see for yourself just what makes Wagyu so special.

Do you know how Japanese Wagyu beef is classified and what the A5 label signifies?

Japan established a strict categorization of Wagyu beef which grades the meat according to yield (from C to A) and quality (from 1 to 5). The obtained grade depends on the colour and brightness of the meat, its firmness and texture, as well as the shine and quality of the fat. A BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) designation (from 1 to 12) is also assigned, depending on the level of fat infiltration in the meat.

The distinctiveness of Wagyu beef from Tochigi prefecture is especially emphasized in the extremely rare picanha cut

This is one of the most highly rated and awarded meats in Japan. The Tochigi region is known for the delicious rice they feed their cattle, which is ultimately reflected in the juicy and distinctive aroma of the meat.

Aberdeen angus

At J-I-S-T we let our Aberdeen Angus beef age for 28 days. You can sample a variety of premium flavors by choosing between our Ribeye, NY strip, T-bone and Porterhouse steaks.

Aberdeen Angus

The Scotch beef PGI certificate is attributed to only the best cattle of this type. We are extremely proud that our supplier, Caledonia Crown, adheres to these high breeding standards, location marks and farming processes that guarantee an authentic product.

Careful farming and controlled ageing of Caledonia Crown beef emphasizes the tenderness and juiciness of the meat and allows it to develop a superior texture and flavour intensity in a natural way. We are proud to offer Aberdeen Angus labelled Skotch Beef PGI, which is a guarantee of its authentic origin.

Kobe beef

Taste it once and remember it forever - KOBE beef is a symphony of tender meat and aromaof marbled fat that literally melts in your mouth.

We make it our mission to offer you only the highest quality meat from all over the world, which is why we simply had to include the highly sought-after KOBE beef. We are proud to be the only certified restaurant in Croatia included in the KOBE Beef Official Restaurant Guide, as evidenced by the bronze statue of Tajima cattle on display in the restaurant.

Kobe govedina

Kobe beef ribeye

This prized cut of Kobe beef is recognizable by its attractive shimofuri pattern of marbled fat. The ribeye steak stands out for its tender texture and delicate taste.

Kobe beef Strip steak

This rectangular muscle is located in the lower back of the cattle, and is an ideal steak due to its softness and rich flavor. From the very first bite of one of the most sought-after cuts of Kobe beef, you`ll discover why this is unlike any other meat you`ve tasted before.

The Kobe experience is a gastronomic luxury in every sense. No matter which steak you choose, you will appreciate it for its extraordinary quality, but also for its rarity and high production standards.

Kobe filet mignon

The absolute pinnacle of all fillet steaks. This delicious and delicate cut has a high degree of marbled fat that melts even at low temperatures. Along with the tender fiber-rich meat, it is precisely this fat that gives this cut its unmistakable sweetness and unique taste.


The tenderloin is as soft as butter and almost melts in your mouth, while the slightly more robust muscle, which is located lower down the spine, contains distinctly rich flavour. Best known for its Bistecca alla fiorentina steak, Chianina is the preferred choice of many meat connoisseurs.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina is considered by many to be the queen among T-bone steaks, thanks to the centuries-old and highly esteemed Chianina beef. This precious cut of meat, characterized by a T-shaped central bone, combines two cuts with different textures and flavours: bistecca nel filleto and bistecca nella costola.

Golub d Anjou

Dove D`Anjou

Beautiful colours and different textures come together on this truly extraordinary dish... Try this exceptional French delicacy, served with pea puree and poached pear. The taste of this young domestic poultry is different from the wood pigeon, and features mild and distinctive notes appreciated by true gourmets.

Raw or grilled?

Whichever oysters you choose, we are confident that their salty, juicy and dominant flavors will make you want to come back for more. Oysters are often hailed as an aphrodisiac, which is due to ancient traditional tales, but also due to the zinc content in their composition. In any case, this delicacy is the perfect prelude to a long gourmet evening.

The gentlest and most delicate seafood

Try them grilled, enriched with butter and herbs. For five generations, the Cadoret family has invested a lot of love and passion in growing oysters in the open sea - in the Bay of St. Brieuc. Fine de Binic oysters (in the photo) are recognizable by their rounded, silk-coloured shell and crispy, iodized and salty meat with hints of fruity flavours.

Beluga Caviar- excellent quality and taste

Beluga Attilus Caviar is obtained from the Huso Huso sturgeon after the fish reaches the age of 25-30 years. It is distinguished by its light to dark gray color and the largest size of roe - up to 3.5 mm in diameter. The fine creamy taste is preserved thanks to the special malossol production technique and high ecological standards of cultivation. Pair your caviar with a glass of premium Beluga Allure vodka and complete your experience of one of the most exquisite mouthfuls in the world.

Royal Oscietra caviar

Attilus caviar is one of the few producers who offer authentic Oscietra caviar and we are delighted to offer it to you in our restaurant. Originating from the Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstadtii), this caviar has a mild nutty flavour that lingers on your palate for a long time. The grains are easily discerned due to their dark gray, olive and brown tones. In order to make the roe larger, firmer and creamier the sturgeon is farmed for 11 years. Royal Oscietra, Royal Siberian or Beluga caviar - the choice is yours.

In the charcuterie selection, you will enjoy the products of Novosel, AZRRI and Đakovo delicatessen, and the cheeses are Špin, Kumparička and Paška cheese

Stancija Kumparička`s cheeses are unique in texture, as well as taste. The cheeses are aged for between 3 and 20 months, and the result is an intense, powerful taste that contains both milky and strongly fermented elements. Our new Premium cheese selection features Queso canario, Manchego, Cashel blue, Comte and Reypenaer, each with a different origin, taste, preparation and ripening.

Did you know that wasabi loses its flavor 20-25 minutes after being exposed to air?

That`s exactly why it is best to consume it freshly grated - as your meal is served. Shark skin is the traditional material on which we grate the wasabi. It is ideal because it resembles mild sandpaper which preserves the delicate texture and taste of the fresh root. Fresh wasabi gives a clean, aromatic and slightly tart taste, accompanied by natural sweetness. Wasabi is traditionally served with Kobe beef, creating a truly Japanese dining experience.

Please allow our waiters to recommend a rock salt that perfectly matches your dish and then season to your taste

Rivsalt salt crystals are a new addition to our restaurant. Now you can season your dishes using a different flavour and intensity of saltiness. The collection includes: Himalayan Rock Salt, Persian Blue Rock Salt, Alpine Rock Salt, Kala Namak Rock Salt and Halite Rock Salt.

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